Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips in Shopping Around for ERP System

Choosing the ERP solution for your organization is a crucial move you have to make as your business has its own needs compare to other business. You may want to consider choosing the right ERP system that can work well for your company or organization.

Determine whether the enterprise resource planning is the correct one for your business. This entails the same goals from the supplier or vendor using the right consistency, reliability, and visibility in all aspects of their business processes. If you want to change all your systems together or to replace them gradually, then this ERP is the solution for your business.

However, these solutions are not all the same and some may only be focused on some industries like distribution or manufacturing for instance. On the other hand, there are larger vendors that can focus not just on the applications but on the needed business technology development and platform setup. But, that can only be appropriate if you are ready to adapt that innovation and ERP vendor. In addition, you must be ready for the involvement of lock-in that may put you at risk.

Choosing the Right ERP System

1.    Focus in finding the solution that can make your business different. Learn about functionality that can support that solution.
2.    Avoid thinking of only the cost of the initial setup of the new ERP package, but you also have to think about the system update cost.
3.    Think about the functionality that your business may require. Avoid thinking only about the functionality that you may need at present, but you have to anticipate the future ones. So, does your ERP vendor provides it? Is it doable?
4.    Investigate on how the vendor can meet the regulatory requirements.
5.    Understand how the system can adapt with your organizational changes.
6.    Determine what type of training or support this ERP vendor can provide you with.
7.    Learn whether you need to be dependent on the technology platform in the new few years. Does this technology platform have a clear structure for that? Do you think your business is working well with such dependence on technology?

For assured business survival and growth in the future, you have to be equipped to handle new regulations, competition, pressure, and compliance requirements. Choose the right ERP system for your organization and guarantee your business.